Previously only fast traveling with me, but never following me. Open the command console again and input the following: 5. The BoS are not good guys, I wouldn't feel guilty about killing them all off. 20:45, January 25, 2011 (UTC)Annlon, I have both the data and the gun, but there seems to be no way for me to just tell her that I have them already. Not such a big deal I guess, other than being extra weight in my inventory. I had to complete You'll Know it When it Happens. I can see their lips moving, and I can't talk to either of them but they are not talking. Nothing happened, no trigger. After the fight was over Veronica kept saying that they were going to let us go (how?) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Fluid-decanter (talk • contribs). When traveling through the North Sewers (there is a manhole just outside the Crimson Caravan) and walking past the group of New Vegas Citizens living there, she finally made a comment about how the Brotherhood isolates themselves. But the other stuff like activating the rangefinder and getting the research data is still active. 0. Tried this with all three dialogue choices. Though I had all of the prerequisites in my possession, no dialogue options would show up to advance any of them, whether or not they were the active quest at the time. 11:48, August 28, 2011 (UTC)Adam5396, I put the Gannon Family Tesla armor on her and she mentioned the enclave and she started the second trigger conversation. After that, Veronica talked to me, we had a nice discussion about what she should do next, left the bunker, and... nothing. Is it possible to recruit some Blades via console command? I have attempted to reload a previous save, I have turned the console off and then on and then returned to a previous save, I have tried waiting. Quest started like a peach, thanks for this. So, long story short (another hour or so to tinker with this quest's variables), to fix this open the console when you are about to enter the Follower's outpost and the time has passed, and type: This seems to be the variable that would be flipped from 0 to 1 when the paladins killed the people in the outpost. I have already completed Still in the Dark and Eyeslight to the Blind. I went to the bunker, but Veronica and E-DE got stuck behind the entrance door, which closed and locked after i walked through it. From the walkthrough it looked simple enough, go to Nellis and snag the key then hit Vault 34. Currently there are too many of them to make manually maintaining a list of them feasible. Note: These commands apply ONLY to the PC version of the game - PS4 … We are working on a solution to add these to the documentation in an automated way. working on that now. What should I type in (and why the hell didn't they tell it in the walkthrough, if they bothered to say this??)? So I exited Silver Rush and went back in and bingo, I got the trigger. To avoid a long and confusing explanation here, just know that no matter if you executed the xcopy command or the xcopy32 command, you were always executing the most updated version of the command. Due to scripting constraints she won't actually wear one (characters wear whatever apparel in their inventory has the highest DT, and dresses generally have zero), but she will still thank the Courier if one is put in her inventory, and says she will try it on later. I wonder if that area glitches everything. ED-E went back to Primm and Veronica went back to the 188 trading post area. Choose one of four Console Modes. Unfortunately, the Brotherhood in the Mojave has been destroyed. Notes [edit | edit source]. Just that afterwards the quest will go on as it was supposed to, and Veronica won't leave you for no reason. Otherwise you have to do the whole dialogue manually with the console as explained somewhere above. -- 19:04, September 19, 2011 (UTC), Just checked myself and it worked like a charm, so I'm going to add it to the main. This is a bit tedious but I didn't bother looking for a faster way once I got it to work. It didn't work immediately so I had to save my game and ride up and down on the elevators until it worked. Open the console and select the NPC first. The rm -rf command is one of the fastest way to delete a folder and its contents. I'm having the same problem. 46. If ED-E has been given to Lorenzo during the quest ED-E My Love, he will disappear, leaving you unable to complete Still in the Dark.One must wait a few days until ED-E returns to Primm. After the quest's 1st part telling you to take her there completes, it won't refresh and bring up the nest part. Apparently, if you're a XB or PS3 player you can't interact with the terminal until you've started the quest, but since we can't get the quest to trigger we're SOL. Irritated by what she sees as the Brotherhood’s unrealistic and uninformed views of themselves and the world, Veronica is a perpetual outsider caught between her loyalt… After going to most of the trigger points, McCarran, Vault 3 and Nelson/Cottonwood etc not a peep until I visited the Silver Rush and BOOM! After getting the pulse gun, the quest log said to return to the elder. She wants to go back home to check up on them but as soon as I enter they attack. Who has it? Nick Barry, 3 February 2011, Can this quest be started at all if you kill the Brotherhood beforehand?-- 17:04, November 6, 2010 (UTC). I think this dialog was a trigger for I Could Make You Care but I'm not sure. Should I just forget about being a good guy and kill the BoS off? I haven´t discovered much of world, so I load previous save and play. But you can't have both at the same time, and once you cure lycanthropy, it's cured forever. 01:20, March 8, 2012 (UTC), UPDATE (FIXED): From inside the bunker, I dismissed Veronica and it finally let me leave without crashing. -- 10:06, April 18, 2013 (UTC), I chose to go for the pulse gun as Veronica leaned on it in her dialogue at Gibson's Shack. Once you open the Metasploit console, you will get to see the following screen. But now, when I have many side quest finished, triggers don´t work. I had the same trouble with Veronica playing the quiet game with McNamara and found no way of progressing any further. Welcome to a brand new series covering all the basics of C#. Love, love, love Felicia Day! Funnily enough, later on after I had visited Camp McCarran and Silver Rush, she ran up to me as she normally would have as if the quest had not been activated, never mind completed! After using a console command, your only choice is to restart or load a save prior to using a command if you want to earn achievements. If you feel you are too slow while walking or running then just execute this fun Skyrim console command and you can increase your movement speed. Confirmation on this would be great, and I hope this helps some other folks. I activated Archimedes and wiped out all the soldiers at HELIOS 1 (playing an anti-NCR character) and later stumbled onto Max completely by accident and passed the barter check to get the rangefinder. Help me! The chat log at the bottom of World of Warcraft’s screen can be used to keep in contact with the world’s players, but it’s also the place to go to if you’re looking to make things happen. I could talk with Hardin but there were no options relating to the rangefinder. Should this be mentioned as a possible workaround? You will also not be able to earn any achievements with any of these commands activated, so make a separate save file if this is important to you. You can become a god, summon a specific weapon or piece of gear, make yourself a giant, fly through the air, walk through walls, level up—pretty much nothing is off limits. All rights reserved. However I can still go to the shack and download the data, and she will comment on it. Any solution, please? Working with an HTML File. --- Or you can use the "unequipall" command and it should leave them nekkid and without the default outfit on. I used FNVEdit to find the correct conversation. I'm not much of a Wiki editor, but I didn't see this listed as a Trigger and thought I should mention it. 10:14, September 24, 2012 (UTC)radDoc. Unfortunately Veronica didn't have any loot on her apart from a few sugar bombs. Can't get her to start talking and don't know how to access the locked console. And the only different weapon i had was the Weathered 10mm Pistol which we gain at the very beginning of the game. The fact that it is very easy and similar to many other games. She will not follow the player or attack enemies, and this state will persist even if she is dismissed. ". Safari: Press CTRL + ALT + I … I was on the first objective of the quest but Veronica and Elder McNamara wouldn't converse.